iLoy systematically maximizes the Value of your Large-scale Customer Portfolios

iLoy  is the software that knows your customers inside out and encourages and guides them to buy the right products.

Again and again.
In real time.

Too many Customers for profitable Loyalty Marketing?

iLoy offers a 360° customer view, integration of both offline and online touchpoints and high automation of loyalty processes; excelling in complex environments with large-scale customer portfolios.

Too many Customers for profitable Loyalty Marketing?

Too many Customers for individual Loyalty Marketing?

iLoy utilizes segment-of-one marketing to address individual customer needs. By creating a personalized customer experience, customer loyalty is strengthened and profitability and efficiency soar.

Too many Customers for individual Loyalty Marketing?

Too many Customers for trustworthy Loyalty Marketing?

iLoy conducts live customer loyalty measures both offline and online. As a result, customers receive immediate and individually tailored rewards. This enables brands to cultivate a trustworthy image whilst simultaneously strengthening customer loyalty.

Too many Customers for trustworthy Loyalty Marketing?
Benefits and added Value

Discover the Advantages of Choosing iLoy

iLoy is the state-of-the-art loyalty platform that uncompromisingly focuses on your benefits and those of your customers.

360° Customer View

Comprehensive insights into individual customer profiles.

Real time Loyalty

Instant rewards anywhere, at the point-of-sale or online.

Highly automated

Efficient marketing automation of large customer portfolios.

Great Customer Experience

Personalized loyalty marketing for the best customer experience.

Top satisfied Customers

Strong loyalty marketing leads to customers who buy again and again.

GDPR compliant

iLoy manages all data securely and in compliance with data protection laws in Switzerland and the EU.

Why you can rely on iLoy

Maximize Customer Retention, increase Sales, and keep your Customers happy

iLoy is the comprehensive solution to manage the loyalty of large customer portfolios

iLoy is a powerful SaaS solution that specializes in seamlessly steering the loyalty of customer portfolios. With iLoy, you can manage expansive customer portfolios and effortlessly scale your business. Our innovative platform offers tailor-made functions that enable you to automate customer engagement on an individual level to achieve the maximum benefit from your customer relationships.

Highly automated loyalty marketing for maximum efficiency

iLoy automates loyalty marketing for maximum efficiency. Via a high-level overview, you can produce marketing for large customer portfolios while retaining full control over your loyalty processes. iLoy’s powerful automation functions optimize marketing measures and use your resources effectively.

Endless scalability for the highest performance and reliability

With iLoy, you benefit from limitless scalability. No matter how large your customer portfolio is, our platform is able to address your customers individually and automatically to increase customer loyalty and retention. Your loyalty measures will always be implemented efficiently and effectively via our comprehensive modules, guaranteeing the highest performance and reliability with even the most extensive customer portfolios.

GDPR-compliant management of your data

Data management with iLoy is secure and GDPR-compliant. Our platform stores and manages all data in Switzerland and the EU and adheres to the highest data protection standards. You can rest assured that your customer data is safe and secure.

Real-time loyalty for an immediate customer experience

With real time instant rewards at the point of sale or online, iLoy ensures that your customers are given a positive and fulfilling experience, no matter where or how they use your products or services.

Innovative, flexible and creative loyalty marketing

With iLoy, you get an innovative and flexible state-of-the-art loyalty marketing system. You can unleash your creativity and maximize the potential of your loyalty campaigns. Our powerful loyalty engine enables you to create tailor-made earn-and-burn rules and implement individual marketing strategies.

All-in-one loyalty platform for maximum efficiency

iLoy offers you an all-in-one loyalty platform that seamlessly combines the functionalities of a customer data platform with loyalty actions. This avoids unnecessary interfaces and the risk of data loss. iLoy organizes customer data in comprehensive dashboards and enables you to take a holistic view of your customer relationships.

Seamless integration into any environment

iLoy can easily and flexibly be integrated into any system landscape, platform, or environment. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues, and you can rest assured that iLoy will work seamlessly with your existing technology stack.

Omnichannel readiness for limitless business

iLoy lets your omnichannel strategies flourish and enables you to do business without borders. Our platform integrates data from all touchpoints to give you a 360° customer view. You can track customer transactions across different channels and implement personalized loyalty measures in real time.

Profitable one-to-one customer relationships in real time

iLoy enables you to strengthen your customer relationships and create profitable one-to-one interactions. Our platform personalizes interactions for each customer and treats them as an individual. It offers a tailormade customer experience and boosts customer loyalty. iLoy empowers you to implement customer loyalty measures in real time and individually, which leads to lasting customer loyalty and fosters a strong brand image.

Personalized choices for maximum efficiency

With iLoy, you can strengthen customer loyalty, personalize the customer journey and make your marketing activities more efficient. Our platform provides you with valuable insights and metrics for customer segments, partners, products, and much more.

A unique customer experience for maximum customer satisfaction

iLoy offers personalized and individualized loyalty marketing to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Along with a high level of customer loyalty comes satisfied customers who will continue to place their trust in you and become loyal brand ambassadors.

Optimized management of existing customers for long-term success

With iLoy you can focus on optimizing your existing customers’ experience to maximize your long-term success. Instead of acquiring expensive new customers, you can encourage customer retention opportunities and develop profitable relationships with your existing customer base.

A solution for all industries

iLoy is the ideal solution for automated loyalty marketing across all industries. No matter what industry you work in, our platform supports customized loyalty marketing to meet your demands.

Modern, intuitive, and web-based for an optimal user experience

With iLoy, you can finally step into the modern world of loyalty technology. Our web-based loyalty platform offers an intuitive user interface and a contemporary design that sets new standards in the industry. iLoy’s straightforward interface ensures high user acceptance and maximum efficiency when using our platform.

Higher profits and lower costs thanks to iLoy

Thanks to iLoy, you can increase your profits by building long-term customer loyalty while simultaneously reducing marketing costs by efficiently automating loyalty measures.