One Solution with 3 powerful Modules for profitable Loyalty Marketing in real time

As the heart of the solution, Core manages customers, partners, products and transaction data. It also analyzes, reports and brings all insights into functional dashboards. Loyalty provides a powerful loyalty program engine at its core and manages coupons as well as loyalty and gift cards. Campaign segments customer information and manages smart campaigns and promotions.

Together, the three modules redefine the boundaries of profitable loyalty marketing.

3 powerful Modules for profitable Loyalty Marketing
Successful with delighted Customers for Years
One-to-One Marketing

Real-time profitable customer relationships that are trigger-based, automated and personalized.

Active at all Touchpoints

Data from all touchpoints for a 360° customer view and full control over all customer transactions.

Personalized Decisions

Stronger customer loyalty by individualizing the customer journey and making marketing activities more efficient.

Campaigns and Promotions

Plan, trigger and automatically execute target group-specific actions.

Large Customer Portfolios

High scaleability to loyalize even the most extensive customer portfolios in an individualized and automatic way.

100% Privacy compliant

Data is stored and managed securely and GDPR-compliant in CH/EU.

Core: Solid Foundation for efficient Loyalty Marketing

This module analyzes customer data from both internal and external sources, segments and reports information obtained and presents it in comprehensive dashboards.

Loyalty: Innovative and super flexible Loyalty Engine

This module initiates effective customer loyalty actions in real time. The customer is rewarded immediately and individually and experiences an exciting customer relation.

Campaign: Profitable Target Group Campaigns and Promotions

This module generates adaptable campaigns and promotions to support the business and environment and models complex relationships, thereby pushing the boundaries of loyalty beyond their usual limits.

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iLoy - the Future of Loyalty Technology

When Technology, Usability, Design and User Acceptance are linked together

Welcome to the world of iLoy - the next generation in loyalty technology. Our modern, web-based loyalty platform offers intuitive user interfaces and enables maximum user acceptance. Our contemporary design sets new standards in the loyalty industry.

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